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Local Seminar Craiova

It was on the 26th of February that, in Craiova, the seminar was held with the theme "Think like an Entrepreneur"

After the welcoming words from Maria Dașu, director of Scoala Gimnaziala ”Traian” Craiova, Diana Bratucu, project coordinator at the "Traian" High School Craiova, made the presentation of the project "Network of Entrepreneurial Schools" for the participants.

This Seminar had as participants, members of the project team, principals of schools and high schools in Dolj County, teachers, school inspectors, partners and representatives of the local community.

After an intervention by Rodrigo Castro, project manager at DNA Cascais, about the topic "Promoting the culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude in school", Anca Bunăiașu, presented the Strategic plan for an entrepreneurial school".

"How can we develop an entrepreneurial school?" was the theme of the round table that ended the conference and which included the following guest speakers: Alexandrina Năstase - director, “Școala Gimnazială „Mihai Viteazul” Craiova”, Director of the Year for Entrepreneurship 2018 - AVE Romania Magdalena Criveanu - assistant professor at University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Gabriela Dumitrașcu - human resources specialist - Edu For Future

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