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Rodrigo Castro | How to promote entrepreneurial skills in the classroom

Project Manager at DNA Cascais and project coordinator of the Network of Entrepreneurial Schools, Rodrigo worked at the Entrepreneurship Center of ISCTE-IUL -, as Business Consultant and Project Coordinator in the areas of Entrepreneurship Education and Social Entrepreneurship.

Until 2011 worked in a NGO, as President, General Manager and Project coordinator for non-formal education and social education projects.

Trainer in the Pool of Trainers of the National Youth Council, in the Pool of Trainers from the Portugueses National Agency Erasmus + and freelance trainer, has overseen the process of recognition of Non-Formal Education, and integrated projects in the areas of Social Innovation, Territorial Development, Entrepreneurship, Participation and Citizenship.

Freelance trainer and facilitator, highlighting, among many others, the facilitation of the Youth Event, part of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, the Africa Europe Youth Summit, the events promoted by the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic under the theme "Youth and Policy" and "Youth and the Future of the Economy" and the Non-Formal Education Seminar, promoted by the CNE - National Board of Education.

* the video is available in portuguese. This keynote made part of the first day of the conference (portuguese language). The intervention summary will be part of the final conference document that will be available soon.

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